Bite the Bullet

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Bite the Bullet
Bite the Bullet First Print.png
Series # 02
Publisher(s) St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN 9780312949129
Original Release Date September 30, 2008
Editions 10
Language(s) English, French
Audio Book Available No
Ebook Available Yes
Reading Order
Bad Blood
Undead on Arrival

Bite the Bullet is the second book in the Crimson Moon series of novels.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Official[edit | edit source]

Sasha Trudeau considers herself a soldier first and a werewolf second. But while her secret government-sanctioned task-force faces its greatest challenge so far, Sasha faces something much more primal: the undeniable pull of the moon—and her own desires.

With rogue wolves savaging both the human and paranormal worlds, Sasha's team of elite operatives has one job: destroy the rogues and isolate the deadly toxin that's poisoned their blood. But the challenge is far more complicated than Sasha could have imagined. Soon she is thrust into a full-scale supernatural war for supremacy—and the only man left who Sasha can turn to might be the biggest danger to her of all. . .and in more ways than one.

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Alternate Editions and Publishers[edit | edit source]

French Translation[edit | edit source]

Published November 9, 2011 by City Broché under the title Pur Sang and translated by Martine Desoille.

  • ISBN: 2352887828 (ISBN13: 9782352887829)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In a 2007 interview with Access Romance, L.A. Banks said the title of book two in the Crimson Moon series was entitled "Cry Wolf".[1]
    • This name may have been the inspiration for book five in the series entitled Never Cry Werewolf.

External Sources[edit | edit source]

  • [1] August 01, 2007 Access Romance Interview with author L.A. Banks.
  • [2] Novel release information.
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