Bad Blood

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Bad Blood
Bad Blood First Print.png
Series # 01
Publisher(s) St. Martin's Press
ISBN 9780312949112
Original Release Date April 1, 2008
Editions 12
Language(s) English, French
Audio Book Available No
Ebook Available Yes
Reading Order
Bite the Bullet

Bad Blood is the first book in the Crimson Moon series of novels.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Official[edit | edit source]

Sasha Trudeau knows all about working beneath the shadows, back-alley deals, and things that go bump in the night. She also knows that the world is unaware of the existence of the paranormal—and that the government would like to keep it that way.

As a highly trained Special Ops soldier, Sasha and her team are an elite group of individuals who are survivors of werewolf attacks, now trained to be loyal to only to each other and their government. But when she returns from a solo mission, she finds that her team has mysteriously gone missing. Shocking government conspiracies, double-dealing vampires, and a host of stunning revelations about who—and what—she really is are only just the beginning…

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French Translation[edit | edit source]

Published on April 06, 2011 by City Editions under the title Mauvis Sang and translated by Hélène Tordo.

  • ISBN: 2352885302 (ISBN13: 9782352885306)

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  • [1] Release information and summary.
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